Raiders of the Lost Fluff
Theme Anatat Tatanatat
Versions Available
Fur Fighters NO
Fur Fighters PC YES
Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge YES
Raiders of the Lost Fluff is a fluffmatch. It is based on Anatat Tatanatat. It is similar to King Solomon's Fluff, though the rooms are much larger and without any switches.

There are not a great deal of places to hide here, and not much difference is made to the level in terms of which Fur Fighter you are using. There are a few differences found in Viggo's Revenge, including the removal of an outside area. This has been converted to another part of the temple, though has also removed another part, also excluding two of the Telepoints in the process. This also makes it harder to hide from your enemies, as there is even less space to move around.


  • Should you be on the top floor, it is possible to make a surprise attack on your opposition, provided you keep out of their sight. This is possible mostly in the room with the two bear statues, as they can conceal you if you are positioned correctly.
  • If playing on Fur Fighters PC, it is possible to hide outside in the corner, though this may prove risky depending on where your opposition enters from.
  • In the room with the large bear head, you may hide behind the head and wait for your opposition. This may be risky, especially if your foe has also stocked up on weapons.





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