Vital Statistics
Species Penguin
Gender Male
Location Jungle of Despair
Ricardo is one of Rico's sons. He is found in an underwater cavern in the Jungle of Despair.

How to RescueEdit

Ricardo is located in an underwater cavern that is hidden in a large cave containing spiraling platforms, as well as a large whirlpool. The platforms must first be traversed by Bungalow, as he is the only character that jumps high enough to reach the individual platforms. On the highest platform is a Rico Telepoint, which allows the player to swim into the hidden cavern underwater, avoiding the large whirlpool in the process. At the end of the cavern lies a dead end, where Ricardo resides.

In Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge this path opens up to the island of the Robinson Bear. Whilst it is still possible to reach the island without going down this path, the tide constantly pushes you back, making it a long journey.

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