Robot Transformer
Biographical Information
Species Robot
Gender N/A
Home Beaver Dam
Affiliation General Viggo

The Robot Transformer is a Chameleon Bot encountered in Beaver Dam. He activates after Tweek rescues Fweek. After he is defeated, you can pass the door in the back of the electricity room.


The boss can be tough if you don't know exactly what to do. You can grab a Beetle Shield before fighting him to get an upper hand. Or you can hide behind one of the bolts and wait until he stops firing before you hit the angry eyes. A Rocket Launcher is preferred to take him out faster since he will draw back his eyes for a bit before showing them again. Don't forget, there's a can of Pet Yums hidden underneath the door too.

As with all Chameleon Bots, you're aiming for his eyes. Once hit, you will have to avoid several more shots whilst he brings his eye back up. Be careful - Touching the ground will cause your HP to drop.


  • Even after he is defeated, the part where his shots come out will still aim at you, but will not fire.
  • Since he only activates right after Fweek is rescued, you can Return to Hub in the middle of the fight and you do not have to battle him again.
  • The Robot Transformer is more difficult in Viggo's Revenge, as he fires as though firing a Submachine Gun, whereas in other versions, he only shoots about 5 rounds of bullets each time he attacks.

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