Rocket Launcher
Weapon Info
Power 25
Ammo Rockets
First found Lower East Quack
Tier Above Seeker Launcher
Tier Below N/A
The Rocket Launcher is a weapon that shoots rockets from a distance and deals a good amount of damage. They're mostly used by Peacocks and are usually on high places to shoot the player from a distance. It can only hold up to twenty rockets.


The Rocket launcher carries a color scheme of Green and brown with white stripes. The muzzle of the gun has a wide opening same as the back of the gun. Near the muzzle of the contains a white stripe around it. The gun has a couple extension one on the top and one on the side.


Fluffmatch LocationsEdit


  • The Rocket Launcher is often seen as Tweek's signature weapon, even appearing in his minigame.

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