Roofus' Nightmare is the final nightmare you have to complete in The Bad Place. This features Roofus in his soldier uniform and having to return to war. You must destroy two tanks to proceed. The area is full of Polar Bears that respawn indefinitely (which will prevent any means of using a Freeze Gun for stalling). There are two Dynamites hidden around the city, each used to destroy both tanks. Once both tanks are destroyed, the door will appear, and it allows you to rescue the final baby and officially exit the level.


Climb around the building until you get your first Dynamite. Then go to the top and head down the ladder to the river. Jump across and plant the dynamite. Then go back to where you initially appeared, and wait for the tank to pass. Once that happens, go down the street and search for the detonator handle. Wait for the tank to get onto the bridge, and then get on the detonator handle. Now that the tank is stuck, go out and search for the second Dynamite in a building (it works to get away from the nearby Polar Bear by having the tank shoot him). Then go around to the building where you originally were, then get on the tank to make it shoot itself (it is possible to destroy the tank with a grenade, but getting on the tank can help you avoid the bears). Then the tank will be destroyed.

After the cutscene, chase after the second tank (you will slightly catch up after every turn the tank makes), and leap into the tailpipe. Then the Dynamite will be consumed and the tank will explode. Find the secondary bridge to exit.


The meaning of Roofus' Nightmare is the horrible memories of the war in Roofus' past, and possibly his regret of not finishing Viggo off when he had the chance.

  • The Polar Bears are able to walk on the water.


Glitches & ErrorsEdit

Click for a list of game glitches and general errors in Roofus' Nightmare

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