Level Temple of Gloom
Found Booby-trapped room
Used for Opening the door to the larger Temple

The Sandbag is an item obtainable in Temple of Gloom.

How to obtainEdit

It is inside the booby-trapped area of the maze, inside a room with bullets flying through (which oddly doesn't hurt you in most versions, but it hurts any enemies) on a stand. It is strongly suggested to put the Idol down first and then pick it up, or else a giant ball will emerge out of a hole and squash you if you're not fast enough (the cutscene will still make it appear to be a giant ball if you put the Idol down, but when it emerges out of the hole, it turns into a tiny pool ball).

How to useEdit

The Sandbag is required to place on a switch to leave a door to the hurricane path open, ultimately leading to the exit.

Trivia Edit

  • Sometimes when picking up the Sandbag, the game may glitch and cause you to fall off the stand while picking it up, stopping the animation. At this point you can move around, and touching the Sandbag will make it disappear, but it will still go to your inventory. When the cutscene of the boulder is triggered, you will briefly see "SAND BAG" in the caption.