Saving Claude is the third boss of the game located in Cape Canardo. It is accessed while playing as Juliette and climbing up the Cat Scratches to get into a shuttle leading to outer space, where she must face her husband Claude.


Claude is only affected by weapons that use Energy (which would be Plasma Blaster and Plasma Beamer). He will fly down and use his Plasma Beamer, and you must retaliate. If he takes enough damage, he will fly off and the platform will collapse (signaled when he clutches his heart). At this moment you must get off of it or you will die (and do not fall off the space station either, or you will die anyway). Note that if you die even once, you must restart the whole fight from the beginning again. Move to the next level and Claude will start dropping plasma grenades that let out a shockwave that damages you if you touch it, but can be easily avoided by jumping over it. Shoot him with your Energy weapon, but only when you're standing on the battlefield - if you're not, nothing will happen and you would be wasting ammo. If done successfully, Claude will come down and use his Plasma Beamer. Shoot him, and if he takes enough damage, he will repeat his plasma grenade phase. Do this again until he goes to the next level. Repeat all this and he will be defeated. General Bristol will reward you with the Bull Whip.

Be warned that in Viggo's Revenge, due to Energy weapons being weaker than in other versions, it can take more than 350 Energies of a Plasma Beamer attack to damage Claude enough to force him back to the plasma grenade phase, leaving you scrambling for ammo and avoiding his Plasma Beamer. With that said, a Plasma Blaster is recommended for use once he descends, as the ammo usage will be massively less than using the Plasma Beamer.




  • Just behind the area you start off, you can fall down to see Cat Scratches leading back up. However, since there is no need to actually use them as you start off ahead of them and can also jump higher than them, it is possible this was a scrapped entrance that was changed to an exit after defeating Claude.
  • Juliette's voice in this level changes slightly. Her jumping cry is actually her injured cry. A completely unique cry is used for when she receives damage or picks up a can of Pet Yums. This has been fixed in Viggo's Revenge.


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