Saving Esmerelda is the fourth boss in the game, located in Dinotopolis. Bungalow fights his wife Esmerelda over a swimming pool of lava in the neighbour's back garden. To make certain only Bungalow enters the area, he is the only one who can jump high enough to reach the diving board platform. Behind the diving board is a closed door which will open once Esmerelda is defeated, serving as an official exit to this level.


Esmerelda uses a weapon that functions very much like in between a Submachine Gun and a Heavy Machine Gun. You can use the ball floating in the middle to block the blows. Be sure you do not fall off the floating ring into the lava or you will die. When she runs out of ammo, grab this chance to destroy the floatie plug on the floatie she is standing on. When it takes enough damage, the float will sink and she will jump to the next floatie. Repeat these phases until you defeat her. Bristol will give you the Fedora.




  • This is the only boss which you do not directly attack to complete the level.
  • Esmerelda is the only mutated spouse who speaks to her other half whilst transformed.
  • In the PS2 Version of the game, there is a giant Juanita inflatable in the pool. The model for this inflatable also exists in the original and PC game files.
  • It is possible to jump onto the edge of the pool using the red and blue pool inflatable (See gallery). This is also possible during the actual boss battle with Esmerelda as long as she has not positioned herself on the aforementioned inflatable. 


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