Saving Winnie and Mai is the fifth boss of the game, located in Anatat Tatanatat. This boss fight requires the skills of both Chang and Roofus to fight against their wives Winnie and Mai respectively. When you complete this level, the official exit to this level will be behind the entrance area.


The first phase starts off with Winnie walking around a large tree with Mai clinging onto her neck. Winnie will release poison gas from her mouth that is tough to avoid, and you must run through to receive minimal damage. Shoot Mai from behind Winnie, and this will cause Winnie to turn around and change direction. If you manage to step over to the side without getting squashed by Winnie, you can keep shooting away at Mai until she falls off after around four hits, leaving Winnie burying herself into the ground.

This will signal the second phase, where Mai will attack by shooting laser beams from her eyes. They are very tough to avoid, and you must run to the nearest mound to enter the tree in the middle as this is the only way inside. Immediately switch to Chang via the Telepoint inside and try to lure Mai into the puddle in the center. When Mai is on the puddle, use the Freeze Gun and freeze her over the pond. Then use any other weapon and shoot her while she is frozen, causing her to take damage. If you are quick, you can keep freezing and shooting her while she is flinching. When she gets hit enough, she will crawl back outside and get back on Winnie's neck, repeating phase one. Get back outside by squeezing under the tree and repeat what you have been doing with phase one. Be extremely careful not to die, or you will have to repeat all the phases from scratch again. In addition, after both phases have been initiated, Mai will start to shoot you from Winnie's neck to make it harder. Repeat all the phases until both are defeated. You must clear both phases 2 times, and then clear Winnie's phase in order for them to be defeated.

You will automatically unlock Viggo A Gogo. If playing on Viggo's Revenge a special cutscene will play, explaining the sudden appearance of the entrance.




  • After completing this level, and coming back, if you burrow through the mound, you cannot go back to the entrance to reach the exit. Instead, you have to select Return to Hub from the pause menu in order to get out.


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