Block Puzzle
Sliding Block is a minigame that can be played after Saving Gwynth. To start the game, go to the hidden room in Tweek's house by following the descending pathway or by simply jumping off to the left of Gwynth. Remember that only Tweek can swim in lava, and so unless you have a perfectly timed jump only he will be able to reach it without losing any Health Points!

Once you're in, speak to the baby dragon.

How to playEdit

When the game is started, you will see a picture of one of the Fur Fighters chosen at random. The image will then shuffle itself. This game is easy to play - just use the movement controls to slide the puzzle. Your goal is to finish the puzzle as fast as you can. If you can beat the high score, you will get the Rotation Camera cheat.


  • In the Dreamcast version, if you put certain parts of the image in a certain spot, it will count the puzzle as completed. If it is done correctly, you will see a badly deformed image of the Fur Fighter and notice that one of the pieces has transformed into the bottom right piece that is never present when solving the puzzle. Also, the image is lacking a piece at the top left corner of the screen. There appears to be two kinds of this glitch.


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