The Slot Machine can be found in the Temple of Gloom.

In the room full of golden bear statues, there will be one that has it's mouth closed and lacks a weapon. Most visible though is the slot machine in his chest, containing images of a puppy, brown bear, grenade and Juliette.

To start the slot machine off, shoot the arm, and the slot machine will commence. Only when 3 of an item line up will you receive anything. When Grenades are won, each bear statue will open it's mouth and disperse a grenade. When Brown Bears are won, each statue will drop a bear from it's mouth. When the Puppy icon is lined up, you can rescue Emma. When the Juliette icons are lined up, you will receive a seductive image or video clip of Juliette, depending on what version of the game you are playing.

You will need to wait a few seconds after each hit before you are allowed to try again.


  • 3 Hits - Grenade Attack
  • 5 Hits - Brown Bear Attack
  • 6 Hits - Grenade Attack
  • 9 Hits - Puppy (Pet Yums Plus in Viggo's Revenge if already rescued)
  • 11 Hits - Brown Bear Attack
  • 15 Hits - Grenade Attack
  • 16 Hits - Grenade Attack
  • 19 Hits - Juliette image/short video


  • After 30 hits, a message will be displayed, telling you to go do something else.


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