Smart are a type of Ammo found in several worlds. They are used only by the Neutron Gun, at the cost of 1 Smart per shot. Due to the powerful nature of the weapon that use this ammunition type, Smart are somewhat scarce, often being found in areas that might be out of the way.


A regular ammo will give just 1 Smart. A large Smart will give you 5. Picking up the weapon for this ammo will give 4 Smart. The max amount of Smart that can be collected is 5 (10 in Viggo on Glass).

Ammo LocationsEdit

Ammo Fluffmatch LocationsEdit


  • The model and code for the large Smart ammo still exists within the original game, it's just unused.[1]
  • In Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge, there many more large Smarts added. There are a couple of locations where you can pick up multiple Large Smart. In most of these instances the additional large Smart are pointless, since the areas in question have no enemies to defeat.



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