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The Game itself

Super Snake is a Mini Game that can be played after you beat The General's Lair. It is an update to the Classic Snake game which adds two walls and three lives to make the game a bit harder.

How To PlayEdit

The game plays almost identically to Classic Snake. Collect the green tokens to make your snake longer and don't hit any of the walls or crash into any part of the snake itself. Each time you get a green token you earn 100 points. Beating the high score of 3200 (7500 in Dreamcast) will earn you the Fish Eye View cheat (Dreamcast, PC) or the Tough Bears cheat (PS2). Every consecutive 2500 points you earn (losing a life will reset the 2500 point count) will change the wall layouts.


  • In the Dreamcast and PS2 version, if you set a new high score on Classic Snake, it will change this Snake game's high score to the new high score on Classic Snake and vice versa.
  • You earn a new life every 5000 points.


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