The Temple Maze is a location found in the Temple of Gloom. It is a large walk-in maze containing both enemies and items. It's not to be confused with the floor maze.


The Temple Maze can be accessed by opening the silver door using the silver key made from the forging room. Within the maze lies several items needed to progress through the rest of the level. The maze also holds several enemies, consisting of bears, chameleons and crocodiles. Traversing through the maze will lead you to a model of the maze that has buttons used to open several hidden doors. These doors can be used to help collect key items as well as helping to escape the maze quickly.

The maze doors open via descending into the ground, though they stay open for a limited time. Memorizing the layout of the maze and the model will help the player reach these opened doors quickly. However, some doors can be opened from the inside, as they have a button next to their locations. When the doors close, they will rise back up to their closed state. It is possible, even encouraged, to ride the door to the top, allowing the player to explore the maze from the wall tops. Walking along the tops of the maze walls will help get to certain areas of the maze more quickly, as well as being able to get to collectables scattered in the higher areas, which include health and ammo.

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