Time Attack is a mode used in Fur Fighters and Fur Fighters PC.

After collecting all 100 Gold Tokens in a level, a Stopwatch will appear. Collecting it starts a timer. Your objective is to finish the level by finding the exit in as quick a time as possible.

However, unlike most Time Attacks, you can defeat bears and other enemies in order to replenish a segment of the timer. This is crucial to getting through the level, as the timer depletes rapidly and there is never enough time to run through the level without defeating some nearby enemies.

Once you make it to the exit, if you have beaten a time, you will be asked to input your initials. The game records the amount of time you have left on the timer as opposed to how long it actually took you to finish the level, meaning sometimes it is in fact better to take a long route with many enemies as opposed to a short route with only a few.


  • The only level that does not have a Time Attack is the Undermill. It is also missing in VAB Building in the Dreamcast version.
  • The default names on the leaderboard are the names of the devs.
  • The coding exists in Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge but is completely disabled.

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