I finally managed to get hold of something I've wanted for years - An actual prototype of Fur Fighters!

The game itself is about a month away from retail release. I haven't had a chance to delve in there properly just yet, as I'm planning on ordering a new VMU to save my progress from the beginning (too many memories with my current VMU to wipe any of the 3 game datas). On that note, the VMU recognises the prototype as the regular game, so I can switch between the pair if there's something I need to check on.

Like I said, I haven't played it properly just yet, but I've already seen some differences. Notably, the Cat Scratches in Viggo A Gogo which are missing in the final game are actually still there in the prototype - Much like the Strategy guide shows.

Once I get that new VMU, I'll likely have a new page up on TFF detailing the differences. In the meantime, I'll scan the disc itself for the Box Art page.

And on the off chance that any passersby may see this post - I'm interested in other Fur Fighters prototypes too, so please get in contact with me! My Gmail account is the same as my username here.

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