Hi all. I figured this might be of interest to some of you, and since Total Fur Fighters is down (will be back up sometime next week hopefully) I'll post some new findings here.

Unused Babies

Hidden away in the files for the PC game are mentions of 11 Babies which are inaccessible and cannot be rescued. Since I haven't found a way to explore most levels out of boundaries (freely, that is) I am uncertain if these guys are squirreled away in closed-off segments of the levels or floating outside the level boundaries or if they have been removed entirely.

It' should be noted that a couple of these names are re-used in VR. I'm particularly interested in characters Rose and Amy. They're placed one after the other in the coding - Coincidence, or minor Sonic reference?

You can find their names in the .FPP files of each respective levels towards the bottom. Interestingly, they are also in VR, in the FPE files (but those files are more encrypted - Expect garbage amongst their names).

Mention of Unused Item

At least one of the unused babies in Compound Factions was definitely rescuable at one stage, since text in the game mentions the Builder's Hat. I've added the quote to the page.

Unused Racing Minigame

Something from Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge now. In a recent screenshot (which I will post soon) there appears to be a racing mini game. It looks pretty unpolished, with Roofus' motions being that of his regular running pose and no indication that he's actually in a small cart-like object. There are yellow signs with large black arrows pointing the direction in what looks like either Compound Factions or God Machine Valley. I've done some extensive scouring in the game's code, but it looks as though this is either really well hidden or removed entirely, since I couldn't find remains of it anywhere.

Perhaps if I could open those darn .pak files I might be able to see the texture (if anyone knows how to open level.pak, please do let me know - You have no idea how huge a help it would be)!

I'll be adding new pages for each new discovery wherever I can.

That's all for now Fur Fighters. Keep fluffing!

RadSpyro (talk) 00:44, March 31, 2014 (UTC)

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