I don't like to post everytime TFF updates, but this time in particular I think is worthy of a blog post.

Total Fur Fighters V5 - The Total Revamp

This is the biggest overhaul the site has had in over 10 years! This is why I've been a little inactive and slow at responding to some requests. Here's some things I hope you'll find as interesting as I did when discovering them:

  1. PREVIOUSLY UNDISCOVERED STUFF - From a scrapped baby that was in an early demo to Dinosaur Deco and the other early level names - There is a heap of new stuff added to Unused Elements, some of which hasn't even been added to the Wiki (yet - I'll do that soon)!
  2. MORE UNUSED MODELS - Including the Large Smart which has been requested before.
  3. FULL DEMO COVERAGE - I was pretty shocked to see that nobody online has posted a completed video or images of the Compound Factions demo. At least, not that I could see. We go in to some serious depth, showing many of the differences. Ever wondered what the unused Builder's Hat item was to be used for? Well, we've got the answer.
  4. TRIVIA/MYSTERIES PAGE UP - This contains some random bits of trivia that don't fit in elsewhere.
  5. FANART AND ALL OTHER PAGES WORKING - The Fanart page was looking scruffy, so it's now been redone to feature thumbnails. If you have any to submit, please do! We started collecting Fanart before DeviantArt, so much of the art is from the oldest Fur Fighter fans that were on the internet. The other pages have been cleaned up too, so there shouldn't be any missing images.

That's not even everything that's been changed or updated either. The Exit page also describes how I first found Fur Fighters, and the site history. You know, in case you're seriously bored.

I do have more unused elements to add, which will of course be done gradually. Thanks for looking, all!

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