• If a bear sits on one of the buttons in his idle pose, the screen will constantly return until he eventually slides off.
  • In the room with the fuel, it is possible to get Tweek to get onto the window where one of the fuels flew out and curved back after hitting a ramp, though it is extremely tough to accomplish. If you fall outside, though, there is no collision on the ground, and you will get fluffed. This was fixed in Viggo's Revenge, likely to avoid allowing Tweek to land on Juliette's Flea patch.
  • In Viggo's Revenge, if you get fluffed after moving the shuttle to the shuttle transporter, the shuttle may teleport back to the first room where it is deployed after landing the plane with Hweek. If you do not manage to get the Formatted Floppy Disk in before this glitch actually occurs, it will be impossible to save Bonnie, Gregory, and Jeremy.
  • Sternhauser gives a Flame Gun and some large Thermal ammo when clearing his minigame. In Viggo's Revenge, despite being completely visible, the large Thermal ammo in the back cannot be collected, as it is too close to the wall.

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