Viggo Clone
Enemy Info
Energy 50
Damage from Weapon 4
Close Attack Damage 22
Speed 30

Viggo clones are an enemy that you will encounter in The General's lair.

In the final battle of the game, General Viggo has cloned himself to trick the Fur Fighters into thinking that they actually killed the real Viggo. After the first clone has been defeated, entering the next room will show a machine that will keep spurting out Clones hastily until the six fuse boxes are destroyed. The Viggo Clones will attack the Fur Fighters when in sight. They are armed with a Submachine Gun. Like almost every standard enemy, they also have a Close Attack.

Only 3 Clones can be sent out at a time, and they act like a standard enemy found within the game. They have the behavior of a Polar Bear, noted by their handling of a Submachine Gun and overall stats. One major difference other than appearance is that the clones are not immune to freezing. Freeze Guns are highly encouraged to use against them until the six fuse boxes are destroyed.

After the fuse boxes have been disarmed, the remaining Clones can be taken care of, and no more will be produced.


  • The sound they make when they notice you can also be heard during the Loading Screen in Viggo's Revenge when you press the cross button.
  • When Headshot in Viggo's Revenge, they leave behind the head of a Polar Bear.
  • Though the clones are only limited to wandering the lobby, one can spawn in the area where Roofus burrows out of.
  • When idle in Viggo's Revenge, the Viggo Clones can be heard humming part of the theme song.


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