• If users are playing the PC Version of the game on a high-end PC, they will not be able to rescue Pierre as the treadmill runs too fast.
  • There is a glitch in the map when in the top of the tower, it is possible to fall into the walls through the entire tower, done by pressing the anti-sway counterweight enough and jumping off the tower.
  • It is possible to get on the other tower at the bottom when using the lift in the bush maze.
  • If you try to enter the secret elevator as Tweek, he will say "Lordy, there's a secret elevator behind that bear!" instead of the usual "Tweek!" remark. Due to Viggo's Revenge using actual voice clips, this is fixed in this version only. Tweek will also speak if you make your way up to the mast before it's broken, though only in the original game.
  • If one were to glide down the other tower from the top in front of the window that looks irregular to the rest of the windows, you can see the bikini bird in the window (the same one from looking through the telescope).
  • In the original version, there is a button on the wall of the elevator shaft behind the secret elevator. Shooting it or pressing it will cause the secret elevator to function and teleport you inside of it at the same time, taking you to the secret room or to the hall of elevators.
  • It is possible to skip the cutscene concerning Wombat and the Polar Bear by leaping up the stairs as Bungalow and avoiding the spot near the top that makes you watch the cutscene. You may still land the helicopter, and if you go back to the stairs to play the cutscene, the Polar Bear will still tell Wombat to land the helicopter, also prompting the bears inside the helicopter to spawn. If the helicopter has landed, it is impossible to rescue Wombat without playing the cutscene due to the gorilla balloon box being in the way and it is only allowed to go out the door that the bears open. In Viggo's Revenge, however, you can push the box aside to allow enough room to reach Wombat and push it out the other door, bypassing the cutscene completely. If the cutscene is triggered after Wombat is rescued, he will not be present in the cutscene and it will go on like as if he was inside. Also, if you trigger the cutscene after landing the helicopter, the bears will spawn on top of it (Viggo's Revenge only).

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