You only Fluff twice
Theme Viggo A Gogo
Versions Available
Fur Fighters YES
Fur Fighters PC YES
Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge YES

You only Fluff twice is one of the maps in Fluffmatch mode. It is possibly based off of the cloning machine room in Viggo A Gogo and has the smallest variety of weapons available compared to the rest.

Laying around the main lobby of the map are bouncers. It can be used to go into the air and attack from above. Some players must be careful with their surroundings, since this map is fairly small and it is easy to be attacked constantly.


  • You can camp at the pink/blue sides of the map with the Shells/Bullets. You can guard the entrance and ambush people as they're coming. But keep an eye out at the edge that leads to the lobby if there's another Tweek player, because Tweek can glide inside by using the bouncer.
  • Take caution when jumping high up, because it's easier for a foe to aim up to get you than you to aim down to get them.
  • It's possible to get to the Telepoints on the machine by using the bouncer, though you have to be launched high enough, and it can be used to run from someone who's inexperienced at getting up there without using the hall. You can increase your jump height to ensure that you make it up there, if you're good at timing (read in trivia below on how to control jump height).





  • It is possible to control the height of jumping off the bouncers, but requires really good timing. You can jump much higher than usual if you tap the jump button and run onto the bouncer at the precise moment your fighter is about to jump, giving a huge vertical boost. However, if you time it too early, you will jump much lower than usual.
  • This Fluffmatch was also available on certain demo discs.


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