Vital Statistics
Species Dragon
Gender Male
Location Dinos Upstairs
Zweeek (Zweek in Fur Fighters: Viggo's Revenge) is one of Tweek's brothers. He can be found in Dinos Upstairs, waiting on a tray suspended in the air by a robot.

How to rescueEdit

Switch to Juliette and climb up the Cat Scratches on the towel next to the bath. Move around the bath and use the bottles and taps/faucets to climb up the other towel and locate the Tweek Telepoint at the top. Glide into the dinosaur's head and tap (attack in Viggo's Revenge) his brain.

With the Dinosaur Dad moved, go out through his nose and glide over to Zweeek on the table.


  • Since all of Tweek's siblings have 'week' attached to their names, it's possible that Zweek is his true name, and the name Zweeek is an error.

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